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Skincare for real skin!
Is leaving your face alone the best skin care routine?

Is leaving your face alone the best skin care routine?

I believe there is an aspect of skincare that is often underestimated. Skincare is not only meant to give results that are either immediate or achieved in the span of a few weeks…it’s also created for prevention purposes.

One might think, I have beautiful, normal skin, why would I use skincare if I already have a good thing going?

The thing is, skincare also makes sure you keep that good thing going 10 or 20 or 30 (you get the idea) years down the road. Sunscreen and vitamin C help prevent wrinkles; you can clearly see the difference when you meet someone who has used these products for years from someone who didn’t.

Salicylic acid helps with blackheads. Moisturisers and hydrating products help keep your skin barrier healthy (the skin barrier protects your skin from harmful microorganisms and regulates inflammation). AHAs and BHAs prevent skin cells buildup which can lead to dryness, rough texture and breakouts.

I am aware that many people don’t like skincare and will never ever use a skincare product. It’s perfectly fine for me. What I want to say with this answer is that there are things that can be done now so that our skin will look its best in the future, and it would be a shame to feel regret about it years from now.

Many men and women who never applied sunscreen the proper way when exposing themselves to the sun do express regret for it now, it’s not uncommon.

We are living in the best era when it comes to skincare. We have affordable products that are effective, safe and wearable. Skincare is also an enjoyable form of self care…I encourage you to try it if you have been curious about it but didn’t make the step of looking for something yet.

Hope this helps!