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Skincare for real skin!

'Potli' Gift Wrap Basket

Rs.450.00 Rs.600.00


An artisan date palm basket, indigenous to rural Punjab. Originally used as the namaz cap in mosques, this beautiful handicraft is fading fast.

A fine weave, a traditional craft that is passed down for generations, wrapped in white muslin in the local potli style. A gifting theme that has a story reminiscent of our culture and heritage, completely natural, sustainable, green and unique in its beauty. 

Buying a local craft helps support our local artisans. 

Basket comes with a card attached with rice fibre string.

* This basket can contain small items, eg up to 6 art soaps, exotic soaps bundle, skincare bundle, desert rose soaps bundle.

Dimensions of basket: Approx. 6.5 inches in diameter & 5 inches in depth.