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Have you tried the OCM? – Oil Cleansing Method

Have you tried the OCM? – Oil Cleansing Method

The whole idea behind oil cleansing is that like attracts like. Oil dissolves oil—and so it’s supposed to be the very best thing for removing ALL traces of makeup, grime, and sebum without stripping or irritating your skin.
Get your cleansing oil, washcloth, and a hand towel.
Wet face with warm water.
Pour about 1/2 teaspoon of oil (quarter size amount) into your palm and rub hands together.
Rub fingers gently over your face in small circles for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to allow the oil to penetrate. Concentrate on areas with blocked pores.
Wet hand towel with just below scalding water, wring out and fold up to keep the heat in.
Quickly wet the washcloth with super-hot-but-doesn’t-burn-your-face-off water, wring it out, and spread it over your face.
Cover the washcloth with the towel to seal in the steam and to keep the washcloth from cooling right away. This is key.
Leave on until the towel and washcloth have cooled to about room temperature and then wipe your face with the washcloth.
Repeat 1-2 more times, but use the clean towel to wipe your face the second and optional third time.
Voila! You have oil cleansed. There should be a thin layer of oil still on your skin to balance and protect.
If skin feels tight after, it is recommended to rub a small amount of the cleansing oil or a few drops of our anti-aging serum or our night cream right away. Otherwise, it’s recommended to follow with toner and then moisturize with one of our serums and creams.


Rabiya Mumtaz