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Skincare for real skin!

Divine Dry Body Oil

Rs.2,999.00 Rs.4,999.00


Our Divine Dry Body Oil is a 99.5% naturally derived body moisturising solution with our refreshing floral fragrance of Orange Blossom. It absorbs fast to reach the deeper layers of your skin and leave no residue. Soothe dry, itchy, or flaky skin with this vitamin-rich body oil.

Just spritz it on your body and spread with your hands. Your skin will feel powdery smooth, silky and glowy and smell so fresh. 

It feels like a hug and leaves a gentle kiss on your skin, you will feel like a million dollars!

1 spray bottle x 50ml, comes in a hand-sewn cloth pouch.

Contains: medium chain triglycerides, avocado oil, vitamin e, fragrance.