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Skincare for real skin!
How Charm Natural was born.

How Charm Natural was born.

A natural skincare, hair care and body care brand. Made by hand in small batches, with love and care. What inspired me into this field was just how rampant cancer and other deadly diseases have become because of all that we eat, drink, and apply. When disease hit close to home it made me stop and examine all that I am consuming in every way - from food to the cooking utensils, to the polluted air we breathe to all that we use on our bodies. Skin, being the largest organ absorbs whatever we put on it and takes it into the bloodstream. This made me want to get rid of all those commercial products that were actually just poisoning me. I started  looking for alternatives for almost everything!

This search motivated me to experiment with products for my own use and I at once noticed the difference between the pure and natural ones I was making and the chemical-laden ones I had been using all my life. A simple chapstick left my lips moisturised for an entire day whereas I would be reapplying the regular ones every
hour. Then I worked on a recipe for deodorant - which is applied very close to the lymph node area, and then body moisturisers as they cover the entire body. Of course, once the ball got rolling, I discovered my passion for this and kept adding to the product list all that people asked me for and all that I wanted to use in my skincare

I am happy to share these products with the public and spread awareness of a healthier lifestyle.
The ingredients I use for these products are pure and natural ones like carrier oils of coconut, olive, jojoba, almond, grapeseed, avocado, apricot, etc; beeswax, shea butter, and cocoa butter. For fragrance, I only use essential oils for all their aromatherapy benefits. However, when I came to making water-based products like the shampoo I realised that within one-week bacterial activity starts in the liquid. At this point, I felt it was better to make products with a safe-to-use  preservative than to leave it all-natural with bacterial activity. Where it was absolutely unavoidable we have used a safe-to-use preservative (paraben-free).

We are a Pakistani artisan brand of natural body, hair, and skincare products.